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With the NFL draft coming up, can I share some predictions on what’s to come. Yes, Reggie Bush will be the overall number one pick of the Houston Texans.

And they are in negotiations as i do this article.

Matt Leinhart will be the first QB to go in the draft.

The NY Jets may get him. Vince Young, who rallied the Horns to the national title in college football, will slip. I look for the Tennessee Titans to get him. On defense, one linebacker to keep an eye on is Ohio State’s A.J. Hawk. The name sounds perfect for a middle linebacker. Any team would love to get him, and he looks like a true leader, which you have to be to play the middle linebacker position.

For the Cowboys, the need for ofensive linemen is there, so is secondary help. Look for the Boys to address both issues there. With teams trading up and down, it is tough to predict how the NFL draft will go. And my predictions may matter, or not. But as teams get better, it’s fun to pin point what team does what.

We have not played one down of football yet, and Terrell Owens has already got Carte Blanche on the Pokes team. And Coach Parcells gave him the okay to do this. He has permission to skip on off season practices up till the Mini Camp. And he might miss that too. That reminds me of that press conference a few years ago when Sixers guard Allen Iverson was saying this word many times. “Practice, practice, we’re talking about practice.” I guess some players need it, and some don’t.