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Without a doubt, the NBA playoffs has more excitement this year than ever. Already, there have been 9 overtime games, a new NBA record. And alot of close games going to the wire. Two teams overcame a 3-1 hole to force a seventh game. And the young stars of the NBA has used the post season stage to show off.

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavs pushed the Detroit Pistons to the brink before losing in a 7 game. Dewane Wade is a major part of the sucess of the Miami Heat. Devin Harris, Josh Howard, and Marques Daniels are major cogs in the Dallas Mavericks playoff run. The LA Clippers made an impressive showing in their first NBA playoff apperance in a long time. And the veterans have showed that they can work well with the new NBA youth. MVP Steve Nash is doing his old tricks in Phoenix, Dirk Nowitzki is getting it done in Dallas, Shaq has some gas left in his diesel body, and the stars of the Detroit Pistons are still a difficult team for any playoff oppenent. So who will be the difference makers in the NBA playoffs. The new youth, or the veterans who still have a lot to prove. There is still plenty games yet to be played before the NBA Trophy is awarded.

Remember Alfonso Soriano? The former Texas Ranger who was traded to Washington for a bunch of players including Brad Wilkerson. Got an update for you. Alfonso was reluctant to play in the outfield, he would rather play his familar second base position.

As time went along, he got accustomed to his outfield home in left field. And he leads the National League in assisted plays. Plus his offense has not dropped off, he has 17 home runs as of this article. So it looks like Alfonso is doing well. As for the Texas Rangers, their home run output has dropped off, they are in 9th place in the American League in team home runs. But they are in first place as they battle Oakland. Who knew that after the slow 2-7 start, that the Rangers are on top of the AL West. We hope to have enough confetti for another championship celebration if the Rangers keep it up.