DFW Sports Mix

For some fans, the hangover after the Mavericks losing to Miami in the NBA Finals takes longer that the norm. I’m one of them. Now that we vented the anger to the officials that screwed the Mavs of any chance of winning the NBA Title. And to NBA Commissioner David Stern, who had his hand in stacking the deck against the Mavericks efforts to win a championship, time to remember the good times with the Mavs this season. Best season in franchise history. Coach Avery Johnson winning NBA Coach of the year honors. A sweep of Memphis in the first round, followed by a 7 game thriller with San Antoino.

A series that got the Mavs past the Spurs roadblock.

During that series, a 50 point night for Dirk Nowtizki in game 6, and coming up big in the huge game 7.

Beating Phoenix was a difficult one, but the Mavs did in 6 games. Say what you will about the Mavs collaspe in game 3 with Miami, with a 13 point lead, and 6 minutes left. Those lessons are learned the hard way, and the Mavs will take every experience they had during the NBA Finals, and use that to make another run at it next year. And that run must be will the team in tact. Jason Terry must be locked up long term, which is a must. More inside help would be nice. Other than that, not much to tamper with a team that is positioned to make another championship run. And to those folks in Miami and David Stern. To quote Robert DeNiro in Meet the Parents, “ we will be watching you.”