DFW Sports MIX

The college and pro football season has begun.

Most folks around here are in panic mode. I’m here to settle things down if I can. OK, the Texas Longhorns took a beating from Ohio State. And their standing in the top 10 dropped them to the 8th spot. Ohio State looks pretty stout, but in a 12 game season, staying undefeated is a tough thing to do, ask UT. And I don’t see Ohio State running the table, however they have the players to do that. And if Texas play unbeaten football for the rest of the season, look for them to get back into BCS contention. Anything can happen in the world of college football.

For the Dallas Cowboys, we did not feel good after the loss to Jacksonville. But don’t push the panic button just yet. Our defense will get better, we should iron out the kicking issues before long. And Terrell Owens should light up any secondary. But here’s the sticking point. The Pokes offensive line has got to keep either Bledsoe or Romo upright, and give the running lanes open for Julius Jones. Any success from the offense comes from the folks up front. They should get better as the season goes along. So don’t panic, the season is early. Hold your breath when October comes around.