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Among all his songs, Frank Sinatra had one called “Luck Be a Lady Tonight”

Among all his songs, Frank Sinatra had one called “Luck Be a Lady Tonight” If you think about it, luck is like a lady. Stunning, alluring, capivating. She is also flighty at times too. The Dallas Cowboys probably had a meeting with lady luck before the Pokes-Eagles game. The Boys told the lady, be at Lincoln Field at 8p, and don’t be late. The Boys went through the motions as the Eagles ran the ball at will, and the opening drive resulted on a Brian Westbrook touchdown run. The Cowboys answered with a Marion Barber one yard run into the endzone. But on this night, with the whole town of Philadelphia wanting to burry Terrell Owens, the were wanting to do the same to the Cowboys. And when Drew Bledsoe flinged the ball to Lito Sheppard before halftime, it looked liked doom as Donovan McNabb ran for a touchdown to give the Eagles a 14-7 lead. And no sign of lady luck yet.

The second half was all Philly, as their running game contiuned to shread the Cowboys defense. Drew Bledsoe’s jersey had more green than a Eagles jersey has he was rattled around in the pocket.

It looked like a certain Eagles win, till about 5 minutes left in the game. Lady luck appeared. Yes, it was Eve Longoria from Desperate Housewives. And she was beautiful, wearing a blue silk dress from Vera Wang, she stood there on the Cowboys sidelines.And the light switch came on. Bledsoe facing a max blitz, threw one that Terry Glenn can only catch for a touchdown. Eagles led 20-14.

The Cowboys defense held the Eagles to two fieldgoals, and that was key because lady luck worked her magic again. The Eagles called for a fly pattern to Reggie Brown, the play was to go deep. Instead, Donovan McNabb threw short, and Roy Williams had one served up to him. Flying down the sidelines, the Boys took the game, lady luck, and good vibes about what’s to come for the rest of the season with them.

A 21-20 win was an unprobable win considering how the Cowboys were dominated. But two plays in a span of 21 seconds turned the game around. Lady luck, unreliable at time. But comes up big when you least expected. This time, she is worth the $85 lobster dinner at Trulucks.