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How many fans who have watched the Dallas Cowboys this season have not suffered a heartattack yet?

Okay, how many fans who have watched the Dallas Cowboys this season have not suffered a heartattack yet? Okay, if you have not you are probably in better shape than most to go through a whole season of games that are decided by a touchdown or less. The truth of it is that most games around the NFL are like that this year. Parody is the reason why we have thriller chiller games this season. And it makes for thilling football, and nerve racking times for NFL head coaches. To quote Cowboys coach Bill Parcells, “it does make you alert.” Cowboys QB Drew Bledsoe has not gone through a season when almost every game comes down to the last minute. “The networks must love us,” said Drew. The recent Cowboys-Chief game was a perfect example of how this season in the NFL has gone. If there is one thing we have learned about the 2005 NFL season, don’t leave your seats because you might miss something.

If this years NFL is something to watch, imagine next season with Kevin Bush in the mix. This years Heisman Trophy winner is preparing for the big showdown with Texas on January 4. But further down the road, the USC running back is going to be the most anticipated running back to come out of college in years. But is he worth it? San Diego running back LaDainian Tomilson did not get this much pub. He did not win a Heisman, but he is the most powerful running back in the NFL now. You might get the Heisman, but the momentum that come with that going into the NFL tends to die off once the professional football career begins. And with the Houston Texans being the front runners in the chase for Bush, getting him would be the same as in 1978. The Houston Oilers drafted Earl Campbell, Heisman trophy winner from Texas. And he was an immediate impact player on a team that needed one more major piece. And the Oilers were rolling for a while. And if the Texans draft Bush, I look for him to make the same splash in the NFL like Campbell did. The Texans are too talented of a team to go through a diaster season like this year.