DFW Sports Mix

Questions, questions, questions. Going into the new year, some questions are answered while more questions form up. For the Texas Longhorns, who chased USC for the number one crown in college football, their big question got answered when QB Vince Young recently declared himself NFL draft eligible. USC running back Reggie Bush will follow suit and make himself eligible for the draft too. These two players were the major reason why both teams were one and two in the college football rankings. But Vince Young’s stock rose a few points due to his great performance in the national championship game. While Reggie Bush’s stock took a blow in a game where he had a subpar performance. That fumble in the first quarter did not help his stock much. Nontheless, these are two fine football players who will be an impact to any team who will draft them. The Houston Texans has a great decision on their hands on who to draft. For a marketing ploy, keeping Vince Young in Texas would be the thing the Houston Texans need to put a punch in their franchise. But who know what they will do with the number one pick. We will find out come April.

The Dallas Cowboys had a question that was answered. Coach Bill Parcells will be back for the next two seasons. He recently signed an extention on his contract. You got the coach in place, now what to do to fix the Pokes. Offensive line help is a must. The Boys gave up too many sacks and the running attack was lame for most of the season. An extra experienced defensive back would be nice. We gave up a few more big plays, and that some of the difference in those close games we were involved in. So that’s what the Cowboys need to fix what ails them. At least you got the coach locked up for the next two seasons, which is a good thing.