DFW Sports Mix

Well I have to give it to new Rangers GM Jon Daniels. Since he took over the job as General Manager, he has been rather agressive in making moves to improve the team. You would think getting Kevin Millwood was his best moment in his short time on the job. Well, with three Rangers up for long term deals, he signed the kahuna out of the three. Mark Texeria has a three year deal. A key member of the Rangers will be here a while. And with a core group, along with new key players, the Rangers has the parts to make some hey in the American League. If he can score a coup and get Roger Clements, run Jon Daniels for mayor.

I have a concern about Dallas Stars goalie Marty Turco. He has been a quality player to have between the pipes. Recently, he signed a 4 year deal, a little bit more money coming his way. His play has not been good. And it a pattern that is rather disturbing if you are a Stars fan. He has given up a lot of goals early, putting the Stars in a hole for them to work themselves out of. That trend reared it ugly head against Tampa Bay when Turco gave up 4 goals before everyone got into their seats. The next games before the olympic break are critical to the Stars. Coach Dave Tippet must get the Stars back on track, and to not let things slip before the break. The Stars have proven that they can hang in with the NHL’s best. Getting back to winning hockey is key right now.