The new deal is done, the lock out is over, FOOTBALL IS BACK!!!! And you know what else started? The free agent derby. I never seen so many free agents move so quickly. And most of them are gravitating to Philadelphia.
The Eagles are stacking the deck, and getting Nnamdi Osomwah, shut down cornerback from the Raiders, makes the Eagles defense very stout. The one thing that held them back from advancement in the playoffs is now their formable
quality. Along with an offense led by Michael Vick, who now has a new back up in Vince Young. Kevin Kolb was dealt away to Arizona.
So what are the Dallas Cowboys doing? Well other teams are adding players, the Pokes are subtracting. Letting Marian Barber, Roy Williams, Kris Brown, Marco Columbo go. And not being involved in the free agent shopping spree. If you are a Cowboys fan you should be concerned. Two quality wide receivers, no
help in the safety position. I looked at the schedule for the Boys, and i said 10-6. After the first week of camp, i saying 6-10. New defensive coordinator Rob Ryan will have to do some Buddy Ryan type magic to get this defense in shape, especially in the secondary. I thnik the word will get out around the NFL, go deep on the Cowboys, their safetys are weak. You can blame
the reason why the boys are not in the free agent derby on Jerry Jones. Who was up against it on the salary cap. It is up to the draft picks and unproven players to step up and fill the voids. Like I said, the Philly Eagles are
stacking the deck on doing a Super Bowl run. And they up their odds to getting there. The Cowboys is content on not being a super bowl contender, just being in the hunt for the playoffs and taking their chances once they get in. I know most of you are hyped up for football. The question is with the team as it is
now, are you ready for the Cowboys season? I’m holding my breath to see what happens.