<!--:es-->DPD will begin towing uninsured vehicles that are involved in motor vehicle accidents<!--:-->

DPD will begin towing uninsured vehicles that are involved in motor vehicle accidents

Dallas Police will begin towing uninsured vehicles that are involved in motor vehicle accidents on April 1, 2006. The City of Dallas joins the list of other cities that have similar policies such as Plano, Arlington, Desoto, Irving, Mesquite, and Haltom City. The citizens of Dallas will be able to view the policy on the Dallas Police website at www.dallaspolice.net. The policy regarding uninsured drivers involved in motor vehicle accidents will be as follows: A. During an investigation of any traffic accident, an officer shall determine if all involved parties have proof of financial reponsibility as required by Texas Transportation Code 601.051. B. Application of this order shall be without regard to an individual’s race, ethnicity, national origin, or socioeconomic status. C. In the event that a motorist is unable to provide proof of financial responsibility at the scene, but insist that the vehicle is covered, the investigating officer will take reasonable steps to verify the motorist’s claim. If the motorist is able to provide the name of their insurance company or agent, the officer should attempt to make telephone contact to verify the existence of financial responsibility.

The Communications/Detentions Services Unit will maintain a list of phone numbers for the major insurance carriers. D. Should the investigating officer determine that sufficient proof of financial responsibility does not exist, the vehicle involved in the accident will be impounded.

1. Officers should ensure that motorist are not left at a hazardous location. Officers will be responsible for transporting or assisting in making arrangements to have the motorist transported to a public place with a phone. Officers will allow the motorist to use a city issued phone, if one is available.

2. Juvenile motorists will not be left unattended. Officers will wait with juvenile motorists until their transportation arrives. Under no circumstances will juveniles be left at a location without responsible adult supervision.

3. Officers will consider the totality of circumstances in the application of this order. Factors to be considered will include, but are not limited to, the time of day, weather conditions, age of vehicle occupants, physical abilities of vehicle occupants, etc.

4. Should an officer believe extenuating circumstances preclude the towing of a violator’s vehicle; the officer may release the vehicle to the motorist with supervisor approval. The circumstances surrounding the release will be documented in a Miscellaneous Incident Report entitled “Towing Exception”.5. In all cases in which a vehicle is impounded under this order the violator will be issued a citation for “Fail to Maintain Financial Responsibility” if an officer observed the violator operating the vehicle or a fact witness to that effect is present.

1. Officers must enter the citation number on the Inventory Vehicle Receipt (wrecker book). Officers must also indicate on the wrecker book if the vehicle was not drivable as a result of damages sustained in the accident. The citation number must also be included in the Miscellaneous Incident Report created in those incidents in which a vehicle is not towed.

2. The fact witness to the accident will be listed on the citation without consideration of whether or not they wish to be involved in the adjudication of the violation. If you have any questions regarding the policy contact the Media Relations Office at 214-671-4065.