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Getting Married? Let a Computer Help You Create the Dress of Your Dreams!

Many brides dream of sewing their own wedding gown, either on their own or with help from Mom or Grandma. Unfortunately, many brides feel intimidated and decide that the job would just be too big and complicated. Before you make that decision, take a minute to look into the latest sewing machine technology — it just might change your mind.

“Anyone who hasn’t shopped for sewing machines recently will certainly be surprised by how much today’s machines can do and how easy they are to use,” says Kim Novak, Pfaff Education Manager. “You might say that machines today are computers with a sewing machine attached. The technology can really help unleash your creativity.”

There is a sewing machine for every need and skill level, whether you use it for occasional projects or sew on a regular basis. Brides who are going to sew a wedding gown should consider the Pfaff Creative 2170. This machine not only sews to perfection, but also creates amazing embroideries. You can design your own unique embroideries that will highlight your personal style. Using the beading foot, you can have a beautiful beaded and embroidered gown that looks fresh off the runway! The sewing machine’s software makes it quick and easy to turn your ideas into reality.

For large embroidery projects like the train of your wedding gown, Pfaff’s grand hoop is indispensable. This embroidery hoop is nearly twice as large as standard hoops, which is a real time saver when it comes to embroidering large areas, you’re not forever repositioning the fabric within the hoop. Each hoop comes with a matching Perspex table to support the weight of the fabric and eight hoop clips designed especially to hold the fabric in place.

Now that you have your equipment, it’s time to choose a style and your fabric. Designing and sewing your own gown ensures that it is uniquely you. Choose a dress style that is flattering to your body type, and choose embellishments that reflect your personal style. ”Pfaff’s IDT, or built in walking foot, means you don’t have to worry about having trouble with fine fabrics like silk and satin, and you can take advantage of special feet that add detail to a dress like pintucks or piping,” says Sara Boughner, Pfaff Education Consultant. And don’t forget the veil – you can add ribbons, beads, silk flowers or beautiful lace edging for that special touch.

Here are a few hints from the experts at Pfaff for brides who are making their own dress:

* Give yourself plenty of time. Start your dress right away. It may seem like the wedding is far away, but you don’t want to rush through this project, and as with most projects, it will probably take longer than you think and time flies by when you are planning a wedding!

* Visit bridal shops to try on gowns to help you decide what you’d like your dress to look like, and to see what looks best on you. Keep an open mind while trying dresses on, you may be surprised by what is most flattering!

* Professional seamstresses recommend making a “trial version” of your dress out of inexpensive muslin. This gives you a chance to see how it will fit, address any design issues and work through any tricky techniques before you start the actual dress.

* For a wedding gown, you’ll want to visit a speciality fabric store for the best selection of fabrics and trim. If there isn’t a specialty fabric store near you, the Internet is a great resource.

*When using lightweight fabrics, be sure to use appropriate interlining so your gown has a good foundation.

With your imagination and Pfaff’s creative technology, you’ll look amazing on your wedding day. A quality sewing machine is an investment that will serve you for years to come. Some computerized machines can even be upgraded online by downloading the latest software from your computer to your sewing machine adding even more creative features.

For more information on Pfaff sewing machines, or to locate your local Pfaff dealer, visit www.pfaffusa.com.

A Beautiful, Easy Veil

You can create a beautiful veil for yourself at a fraction of the cost, using a few yards of tulle, ribbon and your serger. Attach a ready-made headpiece or create one of your own for a special, customized wedding accessory.


2 yards of 72-inch-wide tulle

7 yards of up to 3/8-inch wide ribbon or rayon rattial cord or string pearls

3 yards cord or pearl cotton

Pfaff creative 4874 Coverlock or 4872, 4862 or 4852

Band and Braiding Foot (for ribbon) or Beading Foot with Bead Guide (for rattial cord and string pearls) and Bead Needle Plate

Rayon monofilament thread

Fabric Cutting Instructions:

Cut the tulle into two different lengths as desired. Fold the tulle in half lengthwise and trace the edge of a plate along the open outside corner to create a curved edge. Trim along the marked curve.


Ribbon Edge

1. Set coverlock to a 2-thread, Wide Cover Stitch

2. Thread the ribbon through the Band and Braiding Foot and position along the edge of the tulle.

3. Stitch the ribbon to the edge of each of the veil layers.

Cord or Pearl Edge

1. Set up your serger with the Beading Foot with Bead Guide, a 2-thread Rolled Hem with a stitch length of 2.4 to 4 and thread the looper with rayon or monofilament thread. Replace the needle plate with the Bead Needle Plate.

2. Place the cord or pearls under the foot in the groove and position about 1/2 inch from the edge of the tulle. The fabric will be trimmed while serging.

3. Carefully begin stitching, turning the handwheel by hand. Adjust the stitch length if necessary.

4. Layer the veils with the shorter length on the top. Place the pearl cotton 1/2 inch from the unfinished upper edge of the veil. Zigzag over the cord, taking care not to catch the cord in the stitching. Pull up the cord to gather.

5. Attach the veil to a comb or head piece of your choice.