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Girl Scout Cookie Program

Every year, thousands of girls across the area gain valuable knowledge while providing the community with that iconic treat’Girl Scout cookies. This year will be no exception.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program, an integral part of Girl Scoutings Business and Economic Literacy initiative for girls ages 6 – 17, provides finance, marketing, and public speaking skills, along with valuable experiences that build girls self-confidence and help them develop their own personal leadership style.

Locally, girls will sell Girl Scout cookies January 5 through 21. We are very proud to announce that all varieties of Girl Scout cookies are now zero trans fat per serving, in accord with FDA regulations. This change was made because, like most successful businesswomen, Girl Scouts listen to their customers.

Since its inception in 1917, the Girl Scout cookie activity has become a famous annual event that has helped girls develop important leadership skills they will use throughout their lives. Whether they are dreaming of becoming a doctor, teacher, businesswoman, president of the PTA, or superstar athlete, the Girl Scout Cookie Program gives them the confidence they need to reach for the stars. Through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, girls manage inventory, set goals, learn money management, and develop marketing skills. Essentially, the girls run their own business. The entire troop sets a goal and follows a plan leading toward that goal. Girl Scout troops use funds from the cookie activity to fund a service project or to plan for an exciting trip. Many successful women have credited their business skills to the Girl Scout Cookie Program, making it the premier business and economic literacy program for girls in the United States.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is a valuable part of the Girl Scout experience. Skills the girls gain through the Cookie Program truly help them develop into future business leaders, said Elaine Huckleberry, Tejas Council CEO. It is always exciting to see girls developing skills without even realizing it“ and having fun at the same time! The Girl Scout Cookie Program helps girls in unique ways. For example, this activity is a chance to build self-esteem. A shy girl can get over her fear of approaching people by working at a booth with her fellow Girl Scouts or going door to door in her neighborhood with other girls from her troop. A girl who might feel she isn’t good with numbers can build her confidence by keeping track of sales and learning to make change. Participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program has definitely made me more confident, said Misty White. I know I am learning things that will help me when I go to get a job. Proceeds from the Girl Scout Cookie Program stay right here in North Texas to provide program, training and camp facilities for girls across the area. Girl Scouts: Girl Scouts of the USA is the world’s pre-eminent organization for girls, with a membership of more than 3.7 million girls and adults. Today, as when founded in 1912, GSUSA helps cultivate values, social conscience, and self-esteem in young girls while also teaching them critical life skills that will enable them to succeed as adults.