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Girls Inc. Announces $10,000 Scholarship Winners

Dallas, Texas – Through the “Investment of a Lifetime” scholarship fund, six members of Girls Incorporated of Metropolitan Dallas (Girls Inc.) will receive $10,000 toward her college education.

Established in 1999, the Girls Inc. “Investment of a Lifetime” scholarship fund has enabled over 60 girls to graduate high school with $10,000 scholarships toward their pursuit of higher education. Through the innovative programs taught at Girls Inc., these scholarship winners have been given support, training and role models to help them pursue their dreams in leading successful, independent and fulfilling lives. The scholarship program was launched with a seed donation of $50,000 from Exxon Corporation, now known as ExxonMobil. With that donation, Girls Inc. formally established the scholarship program and has grown the fund with donations from individuals, foundations and corporations.

About the 2006 Scholarship Winners:

Mary Allen is a three year member of the Oak Cliff Center and a senior at the Magnet Center for the School of Education and Social Services at Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Center. Mary believes that Girls Inc. has taught her how to be in charge of her life. Girls Inc. instilled in her the advantages of having unlimited options for career choices. As a junior, Mary volunteered at Methodist Medical Center and Martin Luther King, Jr. Family Clinic. At both placements, she provided much needed assistance, and was able to prove herself to be a friendly, helpful and a responsible young lady.

Toni Crayton is an eight year member of the Pleasant Grove Center. She is an excellent and respectful senior at the Faith Family Academy. At school, she always strives to complete the most advanced challenges and in doing so produces work with flair and uniqueness. She tackles assignments that other students get discouraged in completing. Her experiences at Girls Inc. has built her self esteem, taught her to be successful and to be proud of every accomplishment. Toni’s life mirrors the Girls Inc. Bill of Rights which states, “Girls have the right the take risk, to strive freely and take pride in success.” During her senior year, she has been able to experience the pride of her success by completing high school graduation credits early and is now taking college preparatory classes at Mountain View College.

Toni Washington is a six year member of the Pleasant Grove Center. She is a senior and Vice President for the DECA chapter, a marketing education club at W.W. Samuell High School. Toni is a member of the National Honor Society, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Future Educators of America. She has the skills and knowledge to continue her education in reaching her goals. Through Girls Inc., she has learned to strive for the best and always express herself freely and with creativity. Toni stands out from her other peers in many ways; her gentle spirit, mannerism and behavior are always affirmative and caring. Her attitude has constantly been a key point to her success.

Tamara Thibodeaux joined Girls Inc. at the age of 10 and is a member of the Oak Cliff Center. She fell in love with teaching at an early age and set her mind on becoming a school teacher. Shortly after becoming a member of Girls Inc., Tamara held her first reading class at 10 years old, and amazingly captivated the girls’ attention. Since that time, she has consistently held tutoring sessions and has been a homework and program assistant with the younger age group. Her experiences at Girls Inc. have highly influenced her to become a leader and a teacher. Tamara believes confidence is something we all need in life and she attributes Girls Inc. for always pushing her outside of the comfort zone and moving her to the next level. Tamara says, “Girls Inc. has changed many lives of young girls throughout the world.

Leah Tolbert is a 12 year member of the West Dallas center. Since the age of six, Girls Inc. has instilled in her to shoot for the stars; settle for nothing less than the best. This is evident from her drive to succeed in her studies. As a student at Skyline High School, she enrolled in the Career Development Center and chose to join the Advanced Science cluster and focus her studies to prepare for a future career in medicine. This course of study has afforded her opportunities to participate in two academic programs, the Health Profession Recruitment and Exposure Program and the Area of Health Exposing Careers, through the UT Southwestern Medical School and St. Paul University Hospital. Throughout her high school years, Leah has enrolled in many honors classes including five advanced placement courses.

Octavia Davis is an intelligent and energetic student, who favorably impresses all of her teachers at Lincoln High School and has earned great respect, admiration and popularity among the student body. Even with the many distractions of high school life, Octavia’s determination has placed her in the National Honors Society, National Honor Roll and Who’s Who Amongst American High School Students. In addition to her 12 years of involvement with Girls Inc., Octavia has participated in numerous extra curricular activities, such as University Interscholastic League, DAME (Engineering Competition Team), Purple Sensation Auxiliary Team, African Dance Assemble, Hospitality Committee, Peer Tutoring and captain of the majorettes at Lincoln. Octavia’s positive attitude and organizational skills clearly defines her as a leader and an independent person who truly enjoys learning and challenging herself. At Girls Inc., Octavia discovered her passion for dancing. In the summer of 2005, she was chosen to participate with Debbie Allen Dance Company for three weeks. As a reward, she received a scholarship to attend an African Dance Festival in California.

Ronica Dixon is a 10 year member of the South Dallas Center. Girls Inc. has had the opportunity to watch Ronica grow from a shy introverted six year old to a talkative, artistic young lady. For years, Ronica’s skill as an artist has grown and matured. Art is an intricate part of her life, and is no surprise that her goal is to continue her growth and nurture her talent as an artist. She is often commissioned by Girls Inc. for special projects, and her personalized greeting cards and portraits have been presented as gifts to outstanding leaders in the Dallas area.

Jocqueline Edwards is senior at Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Magnet Center for the School of Health Professions. She is a seven year member of the Oak Cliff Center. Through Girls Inc., she has been given the strength, courage and motivation to work toward and value her education. She has learned the importance of personal growth and how to achieve self sufficiency. Jocqueline is a self directed, motivated individual with strong social skills.