Got You Covered by David Hickman: New Public Art Project for Fire Station No. 40

The City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs is pleased to announce the installation of Got You Covered, a site-specific sculptural gate by local artist David Hickman commissioned for the new Fire Station # 40 through the City’s Public Art Program. Fire Station # 40 is located at 2440 Kirnwood (South Hampton and Kirnwood); the station’s grand opening will take place at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, February 28, 2008 with a full program of activities.

The sculptural gate, located at the entrance to the visitor’s parking lot, depicts in stylized silhouettes the act of firefighters working together to protect the City of Dallas. Got You Covered is both simple and direct in portraying this idea and reflecting the important role of firefighters in our community. The artist gave special consideration to the large expanse to be covered (the gates measure 8 ft x 26 ft) and the fact that the image must be able to separate in the center to allow the gates to open. Got You Covered is constructed of powder coated steel and aluminum.

Artist David Hickman is an accomplished sculptor who has completed many public art commissions in Dallas and nationally. He studied sculpture with Octavio Medellin from 1967 – 1979 and assisted Octavio Medellin on several large-scale commission between 1975–1980. In 1987 Hickman resigned from Surgikos, Inc. to pursue a full time career in sculpture. In addition to teaching wood and stone carving classes at the Creative Arts Center of Dallas for ten years, David served on the Board of Directors of the Texas Sculpture Association for three years, and the board of the Dallas Visual Arts Center for six years.

The City of Dallas Public Art Program was established by ordinance in 1988. The ordinance provides that all appropriations for the City capital improvement projects such as fire stations or libraries include an amount equal to 1.5% of the total project appropriation to be used for the design services of artists and/or the commissioning of artworks. Since the program’s inception, over 50 public art projects have been commissioned and installed in public facilities, enhancing the built environment of neighborhoods across the City.

For more information about the City of Dallas Public Art Program, consult the Office of Cultural Affairs website,