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Grand Opening of The Hair Extension Store

New Hair Extension Iron and Clip

Adrian’s Hair Extension Store is the first of its kind and the newest addition to The Dallas Academy of Hair Extension Training.

Adrian “The DreamWeaver” founded the store after 20 years of having to order most of his single strand fusion hair and overpriced equipment online or by telephone. A need arose in the Hair Extension business for a place Hair Stylists could go to view and test new equipment, shop for supplies, ask questions about hair extensions, and most importantly hand pick hair extensions in person with the low price of online shopping but with the convenience of only a 10 minute drive. Local beauty schools are beginning to do hair extensions and students frequently stop by to speak with Adrian about how to improve their skills and what new equipment is right for them.

Now imagine when you last ordered hair extensions for you or your customer and not being 100% sure of the color or quality of the product. Most hair extension companies have a NO RETURN policy, so there will always be some doubt in online shopping. At Adrian’s Store you can stop by any time to shop or just ask questions.

For technical questions, concerns, or just basic information call Adrian at 972-387-5677 or visit www.HairExtension.com

Adrian “The DreamWeaver”, founder of The Dallas Academy of Hair Extension Training in Dallas, Texas, has introduced two new tools for the application of Hair Extensions.

First is The DreamWeaver Iron with a variable temperature control which ranges from 100-200 degrees Celsius. Along with the temperature control and swivel cord, Adrian has included Teflon coated, dual heated flat plates on the iron designed to apply all types of single strand hair with Keratin seals.

Along with this new iron is a Multi-strand Speed Clip, which separates 9 strands of hair evenly for the hair extension application. This clip can be used for three major types of extension methods including Single-strand fusion, Microrings, and Shrinkies. This multistrand clip increases the stylist’s application speed by 30%.

The Dallas Academy of Hair Extension Training uses these tools to enhance the skills of students and to provide the right techniques to making more money. With the combination of “The DreamWeaver” Hair Extension Iron and Speed Clip, any stylist can save one hour per client which equals more income. Invest in the DreamWeaver Hair Extension Iron and Speed Clip today.

For more information call Adrian “The DreamWeaver” at 972-387-5677 or visit his website at www.HairExtension.com