Greyhound to Elevate the Travel Experience in Texas

DALLAS – Greyhound Lines, Inc. today announced it will elevate the travel experience throughout Texas starting May 19, and customers will notice the difference at every turn. The “Elevate Everything” program began as a test on June 27, 2005, in the Chicago-Milwaukee-Minneapolis corridor. The initiative is designed to improve every customer touch point to make traveling on Greyhound more enjoyable.

Greyhound customers in Dallas will experience newly refurbished and clean buses inside and out. The buses feature a livery with the running dog logo outside and more comfortable seats inside, with movable armrests, automatic footrests and magazine straps. In addition, with more than 500 refurbished buses already on the road, current and potential customers are being exposed to the new look and feel of Greyhound every day across the United States.

Drivers and terminal employees received new uniforms and training to enhance customer service skills. Also, the Dallas Greyhound terminal has been upgraded, featuring new paint, brighter lighting, new signage, plasma televisions, renovated bathrooms, new food service concepts and more.

The company is introducing a new greeter position to answer questions and assist customers with their travel needs. And the youngest Greyhound customers will receive an activity book to entertain them as part of the new Traveling Kids Club.

The changes will be supported by extensive advertising campaigns making a new brand promise to Greyhound customers of providing a more enjoyable travel experience, according to Toby Purdy, senior vice president of marketing, Greyhound.

The “Elevate Everything” initiative across Texas includes upgrades for Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Waco, Laredo and smaller locations near these cities. Additionally, Greyhound customers in Fort Worth will notice the upgrades in employees’ uniforms and customer service and the refurbished buses. The change continues with a move to a new intermodal location in downtown Fort Worth in June.