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Hispanic Students of Mega-March announce National Boycott Plans

The Hispanic students who instigated and participated in the massive Mega-March of 500,000 in downtown Dallas last Sunday will announce their plans to support the May 1 st National Boycott at the Yvonne E. Euell Townview Center on Wednesday, April 8 from 4:30 to 6:00 pm. Led by the new breed of Latino leaders, Gustavo Jimenez, Greisa Martinez and Cindy Camacho, hundreds of Hispanic students are expected to participate in a lively forum on Immigration Reform, Voter Registration and the upcoming local elections. To further energize this new forum, the students have invited prominent Hispanic leaders, including Hector Flores (National President of LULAC), Dr. Michael Hinojosa (DISD Superintendent), Domingo Garcia (Mega-March organizer), and Adelfa Callejo (the godmother of local Hispanic politics), all confirmed to appear. “I am very excited that our youth have decided to honor former DISD trustee Joe May by having a Voter Registration and Get-Out-The-Vote Drive in his honor, by reinvigorating the “ My Vote + 5 Makes The Difference ” project”, stated Adelfa Callejo, after meeting with the student organizers in a preliminary planning session on Tuesday night.“Empowered by the success of the recent walkouts and Mega March, these Hispanic students will bring a significant amount of energy, enthusiasm, intelligence and persistence into the political process of this city and this country. I’m going to do all I can to support them”, exclaimed Adelfa.

Student leader Greisa Martinez said, “today the Hispanic students of Dallas come together to inform our peers of the influence we as students and children of immigrants have on the political process, especially regarding immigration. We are here to take responsibility for our community, to speak out for our civil rights and to raise awareness of the power of our vote”. Gustavo Jimenez, the dynamic student leader who addressed the crowd of half a million at the Mega March on April 9 th , said that the new student movement planned to be actively involved in the local political process, beginning with the continuation of voter registration drives and working on upcoming political campaigns as early as this coming May. “We plan on making a difference in the local elections this year”, said Gustavo confidently.

The invited guests, who include Domingo Garcia, Dr. Michael Hinojosa and Hector Flores, are excited by the dedication and enthusiasm of this new student movement. “It’s like the 1960s all over again”, exclaimed Hector Flores. “I have never seen anything like this”, he marveled. For the Hispanic student web site, go to http://www.myspace.com/nationofimmigrants .