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Obama can stop deportations, just like he did with Military Families

Washington D.C – Today the Department of Homeland Security directed the halt of deportations of the relatives of U.S. Military members, doubling down on the commitment they made to military families with parole-in-place. We ask that the President use the same administrative authority to stop the deportations of the rest of the undocumented immigrant community, all of whom face the same «stress and anxiety» of family separation you took action to alleviate today.
As an undocumented youth lead organization, we applaud the Administration for taking this step and helping mixed status military families. We also want to point out that this is a perfect example of the kind of action that the President can take in absence of a current legislative fix.
«We are still fighting hard to win a humane and just immigration reform for our families to stay together, but we see that Washington is more concerned about politics and have not given us a remedy to our broken immigration system. While we keep fighting, we need the President to take the same action and stop separating our families. Two million deportations under his Administration is just not acceptable,» said Cesar Vargas, Executive Director of the Dream Action Coalition.