Operation ‘Pay or Stay’ will step up efforts to collect delinquent tickets . . . List of people with outstanding traffic warrants will be posted online

DALLAS – Do you have an outstanding traffic warrant? Now there’s a quick way to find out. The City of Dallas is posting the names of people with outstanding warrants owed to the City at http://www.dallascityhall.com/courts/warrants.html.

Citizens can conduct an online name-search of the warrant list, and the City Web site: www.dallascityhall.com is also linked to the warrant listings, which will be updated weekly. The list includes the person’s name, number of delinquent warrants and the total amount due. Personal identifiers are excluded to prevent identity theft.

“A person may not realize they have a warrant, or maybe they’ve forgotten they even got a ticket,” said Mary Morris, Assistant Director of the City Marshal’s Office. “Although we understand that no one likes getting a ticket, we want to emphasize that forgetting about your unpaid citation is no longer acceptable in the City of Dallas .”

The City is launching a new campaign, Operation Pay or Stay to warn those with outstanding traffic warrants that they need to pay up now in order to avoid arrest. Billboards, bus ads and radio spots are appearing around Dallas to get the word out.

Persons with outstanding citations can pay their fine online at http://www.dallascityhall.com/courts/court_online_payments.html or by appearing in person at the Lew Sterrett Justice Center Lobby, 111 W. Commerce, 24 hours a day, seven days a week or at 106 S. Harwood in downtown Dallas (Wheelchair access is at 2014 Main Street). Or call (877) 268-6128.

“The City Marshal’s Office is stepping up arrests of people with unpaid traffic citations and fines owed to the City of Dallas ,” Morris said. “It’s important for people to understand that if they have a warrant, they can and will be arrested anytime, day or night, at home or at work.”

…Evite que le arresten. Las Policías de la ciudad están implementando una operación cuyo esfuerzo principal es detener a las personas que no han pagado sus infracciones de tráfico. Asimismo, también están dando la oportunidad de que cumpla Usted con sus obligaciones antes de ser arrestado. Piénselo!