Rain showered fiesta, while fireworks showered the sky …First Annual Trinity River Fiesta was a great start to Independence Day for the City of Dallas

DALLAS, TX.- The First Annual Trinity River Fiesta (TRF) kicked off on Saturday, June 30, 2007 at Victory Park at the American Airlines Center. The fiesta displayed a diverse crowd with many vendors, great food and out of this world music. Bad weather attempted to disrupt the fiesta but had no chance of detouring the visitors or the scheduled events. Musical performances by Mad Mexicans, Joint Method, Bravada and many other multicultural groups energized the crowd and showed how different the event was from other events regularly scheduled for Independence Day in the City of Dallas. The event had over 80 exhibitors and over 8 different food vendors and over 3,000 visitors participated over the early, but dreary, kick off hours (11 am – 7pm).

Attendance seemed low due to the weather, but between the hours of 8pm and 9pm, the attendance level almost doubled, as well as the anticipation of the long awaited fireworks show. Local Dallas recording artist Norma Valles performed her patriotic rendition of the national anthem sporting Amereica’s colors proudly during her performance. Immediately after Mrs. Valles’ performance, began the twenty-three minute long fireworks show (currently the longest firework show in the City of Dallas for Independence Day this year).

The visual was something visitors did not expect to see from such a small venue. The fireworks were accompanied by synchronized music for each explosion. The light display illuminated Dallas’ growing skyline at Victory Park and gave all the residents of Downtown Dalals something to see. The display seemed to slow down traffic on Interstate 35, but was quickly put under control by the Dallas Police Department (DPD) who attended the event assisting all visitors and vendors.

RAIZ Inc. President and Event Producer Mauricio Navarro said the event was put together to show the diversity of the City of Dallas and to give Dallas residents options for holiday festivities.

“The event was a complete logistical success, we are already planning for 2008”, said Navarro.

“The fireworks show really excited the crowd and everybody had a great time while celebrating their independence”.

For its first event, it showed to be a safe and exciting environment with excellent assistance from the DPD, City of Dallas Departments, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) and the over 80 volunteers on hand. Many visitors at the event are excited to see what will take place at the next event in 2008.