DALLAS, TX – Texas State Representative Roberto R. Alonzo today urged all local citizens to take time out of their busy schedules and participate in anyone of a number o f National Night events taking place throughout communities all over the country, next Tuesday, October 4, 2011, including several in the Dallas and Oak Cliff area. Most events start as early at 5:00 pm and go as late as 9:00 pm.

«I urge all local citizens to take part in National Night Out, an annual event that takes place all over the country, including several in the Dallas and Oak Cliff area. These events which are intended as an opportunity to combat crime and protect neighborhoods, offer all communities an excellent opportunity to promote police-community partnerships, crime prevention efforts, and neighborhood camaraderie. While one-night events like this are certainly not the answer or cure-all for the elimination of crime, drugs, and violence, I firmly believe that these partnership efforts between citizens and law enforcement represent the kind of spirit, energy, and determination that is helping to make many of our communities and neighborhoods safer places to live in – places that we can be proud of to raise our children in and call home. These gatherings may be one-night events to celebrate crime prevention successes, but most importantly, they should also serve as a catalyst to strengthen similar partnership programs for the other 364 days of the year. Let us not forget that crime does not discriminate – it happens every day and night of the year, not only in Dallas and Oak Cliff, but all over the country. Furthermore, let these one-night events and these community partnerships serve as a reminder that we should not let our guards down, fighting crime and keeping our communities safe should be an all-year-round event and daily activity that we can all be proud to participate in for the benefit and safety of all the citizens in our communities, including our children,» said Rep. Alonzo.

«It is my sincere hope that National Night Out events like these will be a beneficial and substantial benefit to all communities as we band together to learn more information about crime prevention and effective law enforcement measures intended to: (1) maintain a positive public confidence in our communities’ law enforcement personnel and police departments; (2) to reinforce our collective efforts to fight crime at all levels; BUT, most importantly, (3) to protect ALL our citizens in the best way possible by working together in police-community partnerships against crime. I urge all citizens to take part in whichever events are taking place in their particular neighborhoods,» stated Rep. Alonzo.
National Night Out was first introduced in 1984 as a way for neighbors to get to know each other. That first year there were over 400 communities in 23 states participating in the inaugural National Night Out event. Today, National Night Out is celebrated in all 50 states and includes a wide variety of activities such as: block parties, cookouts, parades, safety fairs, flash light parades, contests and rallies.
Each of the seven patrol divisions of the Dallas Police Department participate and coordinate special activities with citizen groups. The goal of the Dallas Police Department is to unite communities and make our neighborhoods a safer place.
If you have any questions, please contact the Neighborhood Policing/Nuisance Abatement Unit via email at or if you would like to schedule your next National Night Out event, please contact the nearest Dallas Police Department patrol division to you at:
Neighborhood Policing Office’s of the Dallas Police Department
Central Patrol Division
334 S. Hall Street
(Sgt. Dennis Craig) 214-670-4420

Northeast Patrol Division
9915 E. Northwest Highway
(Sgt. Keitric Jones) 214-670-4762
Southeast Patrol Division
725 N. Jim Miller Road
(Sgt. Shelia Zimmerman) 214-670-0147
Southwest Patrol Division
4230 W. Illinois Ave
(Sgt Sharise Hadnot) 214-670-6792
Northwest Patrol Division
9801 Harry Hines Blvd
(Sgt. Michael Doeringsfeld) 214-671-0569
North Central Patrol Division
6969 McCallum Blvd
(Sgt Mike Nonnenmacher) 214-670-7247
South Central Patrol Division
1999 E. Camp Wisdom Road
(Sgt. Melissa Gregg) 214-671-4532