Republican Pete Sessions Snubs Latino Voters

Pete Sessions, speaking through his Campaign Coordinator, Cindy Reynolds, today snubbed all Latino voters in the 32nd Congressional District of Texas. Offered the opportunity to meet in Oak Cliff with representatives of various Spanish language media on October 30, 2006, Session’s campaign coordinator said “We are making no commitments for any more appearances with other candidates in this race.” Representatives of four local Dallas Spanish language newspapers, Novadades News, El Lider USA, El Heraldo News and El Extra Newspaper, as well as other minority media outlets were hoping to work together so all three candidates in the 32nd Congressional District could make their views known to Latino voters. The Democratic candidate Will Pryor, was keeping his schedule open if the meeting could be confirmed, said Gary Richardson of the Pryor Campaign. The third-party candidate, John B. Hawley, (the only candidate who actually lives in Oak Cliff and represents many Latino clients) was also willing to appear. But without the incumbent the meeting is now uncertain.

“I wonder how the voters of the 32nd District will respond to this open insult to the many Hispanic voters in North Oak Cliff and Irving as well as the rest of the District,” said Libertarian John B. Hawley. “It is well known that Congressman Sessions favors an employer-centered Guest Worker Plan that will tie workers to one employer with the treat of deportation if they try to change jobs. I guess the Congressman did not want to hear from those whose family and friends would be most affected by his Plan. It is truly sad when a elected official will not face his those whom he is supposed to serve,” said Hawley.