Rules tighten animal ownership under new regulations

Establishes a charge of $70 per animal for breeders to obtain permits.

Limits a single house to six cats and/or dogs. People owning more than a half-acre of land will be allowed eight. People who currently own a greater number of animals can apply to the city to be allowed to keep their animals without penalty.

Require dogs and cats be spayed or neutered. The ordinance provides some exceptions. Animals younger than 6 months old, service animals, or those belonging to a licensed breeder are exempt from spaying or neutering regulations. A veterinarian can also certify that an animal shouldn’t be spayed or neutered for health reasons.

Prohibits using animals as prizes

Allows the city to seize and impound a dog suspected of causing bodily injury to a person until after a hearing on the dog’s fate.

Prohibits tethering of unsupervised dogs to trees or poles except “for a period no longer than necessary for the owner to complete a temporary task.”

Mandates that owners provide at least 150 square feet of space and a “building or properly designed doghouse” for a dog confined outdoors.