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The new amazing rejuvenation miracle without the knife

Do you want to keep or regain the rounded youthful shape of your face? Would you like to cure hollow cheeks, sunken in temples, nose to mouth lines or pre-yowling depression?

Most anti-aging face treatments only treat specific wrinkles of pull the sagging skintighter. This is not the case with Sculptra and other fillers.

Sculptra is injected just below you skin in the area where you need more volume. A gradual increase in the thickness of the skin will be noticed in the weeks after treatment. If you have a severe problem, you may need 3 to six treatments, and, after that touchups once every couple of years.

The main reason people go looking for cosmetic treatment is because they are looking older than they would like, but most treatments just treat a particular wrinkle or pull the skin tighter without recreating youthful overall facial shape.

‘Sculptra’ [also called ‘New Fill’] is an injectable poly-L-lactic acid used widely in Europe and now available and licensed in the United States can be used for the correction of fat loss under the skin. This is a new technique and it works is different to anything else, treatment practitioners have to move away from the practice of treating single lines and wrinkles and think more about using Sculptra to fill in large facial areas.

Dermatology therapist and owner of the DermSpa Clinic C.J Fretheim is an expert in the aesthetics industry and has been a trainer and consultant in the world’s leading laser and Microdermabrasion technology industry since 2001

All of DermSpa Laser clinic Aestheticians and Nurses are fully licensed and trained professionals who will make your care their concern.

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