Tejiendo Nuestras Historias Writer’s Workshop Weaving our Stories

The North Tejas Writers will hold their second writer’s workshop on Saturday, November 3, 2012 at the 411 Reality Radio Station, located at 411 N. Beckley in Dallas, Texas. The writer’s workshop is the second in a series of workshops scheduled this Fall by the North Tejas Writers, a group of writers that have come together to promote new works by Latino writers. The North Tejas Writers plan to publish their second chapbook the end of the program and include a reception with a reading by the participants.
The writer’s workshop will be held from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the lounge of the 411 Reality Radio Station. It will be led by Ofelia Faz-Garza, a published writer and returning participant and member of the NTW. The workshop titled, “Tejiendo Nuestras Historias: Why our cultural voice matters” will examine what culture is and how it impacts our personal lives and writing self.
Ms. Faz-Garza says, “Emphasis will be on discussing the value of telling our stories and learning to define our writing voice.”
Workshop participants are asked to bring items like photos, songs, books, household items, food, clothing, or toys that are personal representations of culture. Ms. Faz-Garza will lead the discussion to the stories behind the items and how they define and or influence our voice.
The public is invited to attend. The workshop will be presented in both English and Spanish and are not exclusive to Latin@s. Interested persons must call to reserve their spot – there is a limit of twenty participants.
The workshops and chapbook are also sponsored by Las Nuevas Morning Show & 411 Reality Radio Network.
For more information call Sylvana Avila-Alonzo at 972-900-1630 or Lucy Bocanegra at 214-779-0400. You may also send a message at lasnuevasdedallas@gmail.com. See the attached biographical sketch of Ofelia Faz-Garza.