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Texans, Iraqi oil workers partner for campaign

The Dallas Peace Center will partner with other peace groups worldwide and the Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions to promote its “Big Three Oil Boycott to End the War,” with public awareness events planned for Dallas; Washington, D.C.; England and several Iraqi cities.

“The main goal we hope for is to raise awareness among the consumer public that these oil companies are in large part responsible for the Iraq war,” said Trish Major, communications director for the Dallas Peace Center. “We hope to put a dent in their profits with our boycott. It would be a way to show our elected officials how we feel about the war.”

The groups are encouraging people to buy oil from companies other than Exxon Mobil, Shell and British Petroleum.

In Dallas, demonstrations are planned at 11 a.m. Feb. 23, with the primary gathering spot being the intersection of Preston Road and Royal Lane.

The Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions is the country’s largest assembly of oil workers, formed in 2003 in peaceful opposition to the U.S.-led invasion.

Other groups participating in the international action include Oil Change International, U.S. Labor Against the War, No War No Warming, Code Pink, Voters for Peace, After Downing Street and Grassroots America.

The groups also will stage a show of dissent outside the Washington, D.C., offices of Irving-based Exxon Mobil.

In 2007, Exxon Mobil (NYSE: XOM) earned $40.6 billion in profits, a new record for an American company. It produces about 3 percent of the world’s oil.

Calls to Exxon Mobil were not immediately returned.