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The true spirit of Zoom – Zoom the Mazda Speed 3


Texas Auto Writers


The true spirit of zoom zoom is found in the 2008 Mazda Speed 3. The 2.3 liter DOHC 16-valve 4 cylinder engine is specially designed to provide an amazing amount of acceleration and speed. Of course some of that power could come from the turbocharged and intercooled direct inject ignition. The 6-speed manual transmission adds that extra amount of control and thrust on the road. I frequently found myself pulling out first from intersections and being at the front of the pack. This was not done intentionally; the spirit of the car is uncontainable.

As my husband took his first look at this car, his initial comment was, “it’s a street racer.” This became evident throughout the week as younger drivers on the road continually noticed, admired, then challenged me and my ride. I never accepted, but was very curious at reactions of other people around town. This car reminded me of a very good friend of mine in CA who races his car in tournaments, he would love the Mazda Speed, I think I will recommend it.

Besides the speed, acceleration and power, the Mazda Speed has many other features that are impressive and remarkable. The specific interior design elements that I appreciated are the dash design. The audio controls have indicator lights on either side that signify the direction of the adjustment. Just that added aesthetic touch to promote speed and youthfulness. I also was grateful for the four-door design. This was very useful when going through the carpool lane at school to give easy access to the back row. For safety, each seat in the second row is equipped with a 3-point safety belt.

Another added feature, for a cost of about $1700, is the navigation system. I really liked this feature and used it to locate a luncheon that I attended. It worked great! The turn-by-turn directions and map were easy to follow and understand. Unfortunately, the final destination was in an unmapped area, but the directions were able to guide me to the nearest cross street. The navigation screen is located at the top of the dash to ensure clear visibility and minimal distraction. However, if it is not in use, it can be lowered, which is a great design element.

The rear storage area is not large, but certainly is ample for groceries, shopping, or transporting any number of sports items. It is easy to access and the rear door closes with minimal effort. I find this to be a great advantage for small people like me.

At a total cost of about $24,000, the Mazda Speed 3 is an affordable car that delivers speed, a fun ride, and sporty design. It is a great car for college students commuting back and forth desiring good gas mileage. Of course, that is dependent on the style in which it is driven. For those of us attempting to recapture our youth, it is a lot of fun. Four adults could fit comfortable, but possibly not for extended drive time. Your local Mazda dealership would love to schedule a test drive for you.