<!--:es-->United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Reacts to President Bush’s Supreme Court Nomination<!--:-->

United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Reacts to President Bush’s Supreme Court Nomination

...We Expect Adequate Representation of Latinos and Latinas in every sector of Government, Congress, and Corporate America - USHCC

Washington, DC– United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) Chairman of the Board George Franco and President & CEO Michael L. Barrera issued the following joint statement on President Bush’s Supreme Court nomination:

“In an era in which Hispanics are growing in population in every state of the nation and making a strong presence in every facet of American life, and at a time when our community – especially Latina women – are playing a leading role in our national economy by spurring the creation of small businesses in record numbers, we firmly believe that a more adequate representation of Hispanics should be reflected in every branch of the Federal Government.

While we respect the right of President Bush to nominate Ms. Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court and we have no doubt that her qualifications and achievements meet the highest standards, it is important to recognize that there were a number of accomplished and experienced Hispanic individuals with impeccable credentials, such as Attorney General Alberto Gonzales – equally as qualified as Ms. Miers – that meet the criteria and set of qualifications worthy of a nomination to the High Court.

We respect the President’s right to nominate an individual he deems qualified for the Supreme Court, but as Hispanics continue to grow in population, prominence and national influence, the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, our Board of Directors, our local chambers, and the more than 2 million Hispanic businesses we represent nationwide will continue to expect that the Supreme Court reflect the diversity of this great nation, and that Hispanics are fully represented in every sector of government, Congress, and Corporate America.”

The USHCC represents the interests of more than 2 million Hispanic-owned businesses in the United States and Puerto Rico, which earn more than $250 billion annually. It serves as the umbrella organization for more than 210 local Hispanic chambers nationwide and it actively promotes the economic growth and development of Hispanic entrepreneurs.